Bossman Docs

Bossman is a command line tool for Akamai GitOps. It helps automate the deployment and release management of Akamai product configurations that are maintained in git.

It tries hard to be a very thin glue between git and your infrastructure, providing a simple command line interface to manage the lifecycle of your configuration changes through simple commands:

  • bossman apply - synchronize git commits to the infrastructure

  • bossman prerelease --rev 757c0db5 dev* - make a specific revision live for testing

  • bossman release --rev 757c0db5 - make a specific revision live to end users

  • bossman status - show the state of the infrastructure


Because Bossman is simply built “on top of git”, it is possible to implement many workflows with ease.

  • One single environment

  • Linear promotional deployment - dev, integration, qa, preprod, prod

  • Distributed development - work in parallel on multiple dev environments

  • SaaS or regional model - one template and many production environments with small variations